We have a large line of seed available for garden planting. Most of this seed is sold loose by the oz. or less, or by the pound. We sell grass seed which can be bought by the pound or less.


Seed Potatoes - Kennebec

Seed Potatoes - Red Pontiac

Seed Potatoes - Yukon Gold - Very limited stock.

Onion Sets - Yellow - In Stock 

Onion Sets - Globe or Bottle - In Stock 

Onion Sets - White - In Stock

Onion Sets - Red - In Stock 

Blue Lake Bush Beans - In Stock

Topcrop Bush Beans - In Stock 

Tenderette Bush Beans - In Stock 

Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans - In Stock

Roma Bush Beans - In Stock

Golden Wax Bush Beans - In Stock 

White Half Runner Beans - In Stock

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans - In Stock

Taylor Horticultural Bush Beans - In Stock 

Corn - Silver Queen - In Stock

Corn - Ambrosia Bicolor - In Stock

Fordhook Bush Lima Beans - In Stock

Burpees Improved Bush Lima Beans - In Stock 

King of the Garden Pole Lima Beans - In Stock 

Laxton Progress 9 Peas - In Stock

Wando Peas - In Stock

Green Arrow Peas - In Stock 

Sugar Snap Peas - Edible Pod - Grows about 6ft. tall - In Stock

Sugar Ann Peas - Edible Pod - Grows in a bush - In Stock 

Small seed by 1/4, 1/2, 1oz.