Garden Seed
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 4:03PM
David R. Bush

We have a large line of seed available for garden planting. Most of this seed is sold loose by the oz. or less, or by the pound.


March 2017

Onion Sets - Yellow - In Stock 

Onion Sets - Globe or Bottle - In Stock 

Onion Sets - White - In Stock

Blue Lake Bush Beans - In Stock

Topcrop Bush Beans - In Stock 

Tenderette Bush Beans - In Stock 

Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans - In Stock

Roma Bush Beans - In Stock

Golden Wax Bush Beans - In Stock 

White Half Runner Beans - In Stock

Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans - In Stock

Taylor Horticultural Bush Beans - In Stock 

Corn - Silver Queen - In Stock

Corn - Ambrosia Bicolor - In Stock

Fordhook Bush Lima Beans - In Stock

Burpees Improved Bush Lima Beans - In Stock 

King of the Garden Pole Lima Beans - In Stock 

Laxton Progress 9 Peas - In Stock

Wando Peas - In Stock

Green Arrow Peas - In Stock 

Sugar Snap Peas - Edible Pod - Grows about 6ft. tall - In Stock

Sugar Ann Peas - Edible Pod - Grows in a bush - In Stock 

Small seed by 1/4, 1/2, 1oz. 






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