Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 4:54PM
David R. Bush

Welcome to Valley Hardware's website:


Valley Hardware is the oldest operating retail store in Charles Town. Valley Hardware was started in 1924 by Craighton Tabb. A hardware store was started on this site in 1897 when the front part of the building was built. The building was built and owned by John C. Burns. In 1919 the middle part of the building was built. The back part of the building was built in 1955-56 during the business ownership of Craighton Tabb. Mr. Tabb owned the business until his death in 1973. At this time Linden Bush bought the business and owned it until 1984.In 1984 at age 70, Mr. Linden Bush sold the business to David Bush who owns it today.

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